Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We’ve migrated

Bad Paige for not writing for so long. A quick catch up: Stuff happened.

More recently: Mom finished packing up all of the stuff in the den. It was getting weirder and weirder! Both my kittens and I were totally stressed out. I couldn’t figure out what she was doing or why.

Then the worst weekend in a long time happened. Saturday: Mom went away all day. This was really bad because I never have to stay home alone. Wonder dogs don’t stay home. Sunday: Mom was away again. The people told me that she was “down in the truck”. And this time, people kept taking my stuff. They were people I knew but they were stealing my stuff. Later they brought it to a new place and started to put it back the way it goes. Monday: I had to stay at the new den with Grandma while Mom was gone again. She says she went and cleaned up the old den really good so somebody else could live there. The point was she was gone.

Now, a week later, Mom has been unpacking boxes and stuff is starting to sit where it should go again. I know we’re staying here because Mom unpacked all the books. Mom and Dad own a crazy number of books so they only get unpacked when we’re staying for a while. I’m starting to feel at home again and am willing to just hang out. The first few days here I was really stressed out still and it took me a while to settle in. The best parts of the new den: I have a huge yard and we get to live with Grandma. Mom’s thrilled that we have a washing machine and a dishwasher (it’s not really that big of a deal).


This is me, in my backyard with my bone. You can see from this angle just how big my yard is.

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